BuildTak Bond for Polyamide (Nylon) and Polycarbonate

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Need help getting your PA (nylon) or PC (polycarbonate) prints to stick? Our new solution can do the trick! Best of all, it works with your existing Original BuildTak Surface!

Just apply directly to your BuildTak surface of choice and heat the bed to 35℃ – 40℃ for 5 min to dry. Then print away.

Our BuildTak Bond is water soluble, so when you want to go back to another filament, just use warm water and a paper towel to remove the adhesive.

Purchase this product now and earn 25 Points!

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With this new BuildTak Bond, it is now possible to print PA (nylon) and PC (polycarbonate) consistently on the BuildTak Original Surface.

As you do when printing with any filament, begin by adjusting the nozzle height so the first layer is perfect. You will ideally want to reach the ‘sweet spot.’

Apply 2-3 layers of BuildTak Bond on the BuildTak Surface (as you would a glue stick).

From there, you simply heat up the bed. 

The bed temperature for when printing PA/Nylon is 40℃ – 65℃. 

The bed temperature for when printing PC/Polycarbonate is 75℃ – 90℃.

Wait several minutes until the adhesive layer becomes darker/translucent.

That’s it, you’re now ready to print PA/Nylon and PC on your Original BuildTak Surface!

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Weight .14 lbs
Dimensions 1.16 × 1.16 × 4.44 in


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